"Undercover" Modular
and monobloc sofa system. Produced by Zanotta 2014.

"Smeralda" upholstered easychair and sofa.
Produced by De Padova.
The inspiration for the Undercover sofa comes from studying the archetypical construction of this kind of upholstered furniture. Opening a gap in the backrest "reveals" a different layer of the design with different colors and textures.
The concept of Smeralda grew organically from an idea of creating a visually light, relaxed and contemporary armchair with great comfort.
The slightly curved steel structure takes its inspiration from the typology of ancient Greek chairs merged with the construction of willow chairs, where bent branches create soft and continuous curves. The straight forward meetings of the steel tubes are obvious strongpoints where the seat is connected with loops of elastic cord, creating an expressive and functional detail.

"Trälådan" Flexible summerhouse with shutter walls. Ygne Gotland. 2014.
Hug chair designed by Anna von Schewen in 2002 has been choosen as motif on an official Swedish stamp for letters to abroad (14 Sek).
Stamp with furniture
motif. Swedish postal service PostNord.
The String shelf, designed by Nils Strinning in 1949, is an iconic piece in Scandinavian design.
Anna von Schewen has in collaboration with industrial designer Björn Dahlström examined possible solutions for additions to the String system. The result is a low "wall" that allows the shelf to be free standing, a bowl shelf,
a folding table, work desk and new storage units.
The possibility to use the String shelf free standing makes it suitable also for a flexible office. The new String Works office range complement the classical String shelf and build up
a range of products for
a modern office. The hight adjustable work desk has slender dimensions which makes it suitable also
in a work place at home.
The desk carries its own personality with a shape that connects it to archetypical work desks. The new String Works system also have a mobile storage unit, a filing cabinet and a wire screen for desks.

String Works.
Development of the
classic shelving system. 2014.
A very, very small summerhouse, all in wood, with an extraordinary 180 degree view of the Baltic sea. The interior space has all the functions needed in a home even though the building is just 30 square meter. The building is designed to have a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.
When not in use the house can be totally closed by the large shutters. When the house is in use, the shutters acts as space dividers to create outdoor zones with more or less privacy.

Designer of the year 2014. Awarded by Residence Magazine.
According to Residence Magazine Anna von Schewen is the Designer of the year 2014 awarded for her latest collaboration with Swedish company String and Italian high-end brands De Padova and Zanotta.
"Tailored seats" 2015. Experimental project. Stockholm Design Week. Galleri Magnus Karlsson.
By examining the constructive strength and beauty of bespoke tailoring, Anna von Schewen has created a sofa with an unexpected appearance. The craftsmanship of the piece is the result of a collaboration with the renowned tailoring house
A W Bauer. The project is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Photo: Tobias Regell